Times are a changing

Well folks,

As you can see I have been a little slack with the website… my apologies. However I have been trying to make more time for music. (In between enjoying the wonderful winter wonderland.) Just recently I was able to play at the Jam Night (Sunday Nights) at the Crystal Lounge and didn’t make a complete ass of myself. (One can get a little rusty after not regularly playing a guitar for 5 months!) It was a really enjoyable night and the musicians were fantastic and showcased some really great local talent.

I think I need to get out a bit more and see what Whistler has to offer, live music wise. Also, lately I have been learning to play blues harp, blues style. It’s getting there slowly but surely.

As the snow melts away with the warmth of the sun, I hope my heart melts away with the warmth of The Son.

Peace out friends!


May 4, 2014